• Stem Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine

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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy & regenerative medicine for pets

Stem cell therapy and Regenerative medicine techniques are revolutionising the way vets and human doctors now approach certain disease conditions. New applications for this exciting new medical technique feature regularly in the news. Greenside Vet Practice is the UK’s leading referral clinic with regards the use of stem cell therapy in domestic pets. We have successfully treated more dogs with stem cells than any other veterinary practice in the country.

Greenside Vets uses culture expanded pure stem cells which are quality controlled with guaranteed viability.


Veterinary stem cell therapists work under veterinary referral, meaning that a vet must refer the animal for stem cell therapy. This can be achieved by completing one of our referral forms, which can be found and submitted online or sent to the veterinary practice directly. They must be completed and signed by the animal’s existing veterinary practice. Direct enquiries will also be responded to promptly.